Calorie Burn During Running

Everyone learns how to run as soon as they start walking. Since running is a natural ability, it is a very simple activity to get into. Running does not require special training nor expensive equipment. All that one really needs is a good pair of shoes and comfortable work-out clothes. Running is an extremely physical sport, but the very fact that running is a very physically engaging activity makes it extremely suitable for people who want to get in shape and stay fit.

Running is a cardio exercise, which strengthens the heart and increases lung capacity. Cardio exercises are known to burn calories and facilitates in losing weight. Calorie burn during running is immense. A research study reveals that men burn an average of 124 calories while running for roughly a mile, while women burn 105 calories for running about the same distance. Running is a staple routine for most athletes as it builds and maintains their physical shape as well as endurance.

Since running is a high impact sport, it is not suitable for everyone. For example, it is not advisable anymore for older people to regularly engage in running. Since bone mass decreases as people age, it consequently causes the bones to be brittle and become vulnerable to fractures and other injuries. High impact exercises such as running can significantly damage older peoples bones. However, running is extremely suitable for younger enthusiasts. High impact sports have the opposite effect on younger people. High impact activities such as running effectively build stronger bones in younger people since their bones are still developing or are in a relatively healthy state.

Running may be a natural activity for people, but it requires discipline. Running is difficult and requires a proper frame of mind. A runner has to be committed to constantly pushing physical boundaries. Running is physically demanding and the body takes time to get used to it. However, running is a very rewarding activity and is widely enjoyed by millions of people everyday. Many weight-conscious people think about getting into running because they know what they will have in return when they get into the routine. People want to have a body like a runner.

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