Why Running Is Good For You

Running is a physical activity that most people can do at little to no cost to themselves with the exception of their time. It can be done in nearly any location or weather and the only requirements consist of appropriate clothes and shoes that are durable to withstand the continuous motions. The health benefits of running are a great reason to start as well.

Running improves the cardiovascular system by lowering the overall blood pressure thanks to the rigors of the exercise. Arteries expand and contract more while running than being static and gets blood pumping through the body faster in conjunction with the heart. The extra push allows the arteries to remain elastic and possibly break down build ups that lead to strokes and heart attacks.

Bone growth and strength are also affected. Due to the constant strain on the bones and muscles from the exercise, they are placed under pressure and micro fractures occur. The body repairs these cracks even further and makes them more dense and stronger in order to stand up to the activity over a longer period of time.

Emotions and moods can be improved greatly because of running. Surpassing previous limitations over time adds to a sense of accomplishment at achieving something and the activity itself releases hormones into the body called Endorphins. These hormones give a sense of bliss and peace while the clarity of running allows the redirection of focus towards the task at hand and relieves stress.

Calories are burned off at a fairly high rate while running. That makes it one of the most effective and simplest methods of losing or maintaining weight with little investment except time and dedication to the exercise. Doctors recommend running in addition to a healthy diet for this reason.

Running is one of the simplest and best methods of exercise that is widely available to nearly anyone. It strengthens bones and the system that carries blood throughout the body while staving off the stress of daily life and allowing the runner to control their weight through their own efforts. The benefits outweigh the negatives of running if you can find any.

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